We at Folsom Painting have years of experience with interior and exterior decors. True color and design knowledge comes from that experience. Color selection, application and seeing the process through ensures customer satisfaction. Folsom Painting has that knowledge and our color consultations are always free.
With a truly great color choice your home or business interior can translate to a better living and working environment.
We pride ourselves on the true quality of our exterior work. Well chosen exterior color schemes leave a lasting impression, and longevity is a must. Our climate demands an extremely high quality paint job. We can stand behind our work because we pay close attention to the details. From proper prep and repair to the highest quality of paints used. Your home or building will seem like new again!
Refinishing your cabinets with anything from a new coat of clear gloss to a faux or solid finish will rejuvenate your everyday cupboards to the look of high end cabinets with a custom appearance.
Select from a wide assortment of trim and have it installed and painted by Folsom Painting. Crown molding will make any interior shine.
Let us clean your exterior surfaces. We can remove the years of weathering from your concrete driveways and walkways. Your brick patios can be free of the mold and moss that builds up every winter. Homes that are not in need of painting can be cleaned with the care you would expect from a professional.
Folsom Painting has perfected a course of treatment for your old weathered wood deck and patio covers. Without damaging the integrity of your structure we can clean and refinish wood to a nearly new appearance. This same process can be applied to wooden fences.
Our concrete staining can change the look of your yard. Pick a color and make old grey concrete come to life.
Granite look, solid colors and even a simple clear coat can customize the look of your garage and protect your floors from every day use. Let Folsom Painting show you the difference.
We are committed to treating each and every customer to professional, courteous and friendly service. We live in a community where we see our customers on a daily basis. Anything less than 100% satisfaction would be unacceptable. Let Folsom Painting provide the painting service you need and see the difference that experience makes.